Boris johnson pushes for no confidence vote as he hopes for victory over Angela Merkel Read more

Boris johnson pushes for no confidence vote as he hopes for victory over Angela Merkel Read more

On his final day of campaigning, Johnson said he had not decided his campaign platform. “This is an enormous and potentially decisive decision for me,” he said in a statement, referring to the result in Tuesday’s EU referendum on membership of the bloc. “I am committed to listening to people and giving thoujarvees.comght to what they want. I am fully committed to Britain’s place in Europe.”

The Tory leader told reporters: “I have decided to run as the only person who can tackle the biggest challenge facing us.”

He said his platform was “comprehensive and comprehensive”. His main policy was a referendum on EU membership but he said that should be open to British voters. He wants an urgent meeting of the EU council of ministers.

“With the European Union, we are in a better position than ever but, crucially, because of what has happened in Spain, we want to see this process continue for a little while longer, but we want to have e우리카지노nough time to do it correctly, with a clear path towards real reform,” Johnson told a press conference before his speech was read in full at Queen’s University.

Asked about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s call for an immediate snap general election on the basis of the result, Johnson said it was “not surprising” and the general election would be triggered if the Conservatives lost. “There will be a snap election in June,” he said.

The Labour leader, as head더킹카지노 of the opposition, has warned that there should be no general election for another three years, arguing that the election of a Conservative government would be unacceptable as the party had so many powers. Johnson told the crowd on Thursday morning: “Labour has now been in government for 16 years – they are a government that is making the big decisions, the big decisions. All Labour will need to do is be reasonable and work together towards a better and fairer Britain.”

The Ukip leader told supporters in Oxford that the Labour party were “a bunch of loonies that are going to stay in a hole”.

“If you get into a hole, you get stuck in it. If you get into power, you have power in that hole. And I do think David Cameron thinks he is heading into a hole. It is a disgrace that there hasn’t been a single vote in favour of the referendum from Labour, from the Liberal Democrats, anyone. It is a scandal that there hasn’t been a single vote from the Gree


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