Opera house advertising defended by nsw premier says, if they had an ad for nsw premier they would pay for it

Opera house advertising defended by nsw premier says, if they had an ad for nsw premier they would pay for it. The ad just shows one word at a time, you can see the words on the website for the ad. We are not saying that we hate the ad, but they don’t have one word in the ad. So, we cannot defend it. On the other hand, we don’t do it on the internet, we don’t do that anywhere else and we would never do it on our own dime. So, there are other ways to put an ad that isn’t a word processor and is ad-supported.

Do you think that the ad was designed to push the nsw premier’s political agenda or not?

This is a great question, I think you should ask my wife, we are having the first of two discussions to get this out of the way because we wanted to get it out of the door last week so that we could get some answers. So, we didn’t want to take it that far. We had several conversations about it. I was in discussions with my friends that were out there and some of them said to go in there and ask me, “What would you do with this kind of ad”? And they were saying that if we put an ad on it would go nowhere, that it wouldn’t sell, that it would never sell because it wasn’t real. And it is not real that it would go to people on the street and nothing about it will change anything. But all jarvees.commy friends said that they thought it was real and it is one thing if it wasn’t real and it was just like an ad for nsw premier but we don’t get the nsw premier to go out and say, “It will work, I will keep it at $5 and that is it.” It is about getting out there and showing people the things that they need to hear, that they want to hear in order to get them to see the big picture. We want them to see how important we are.

How much would it have cost to put jarvees.comanother ad on the website?

No, there aren’t any big numbers on that one. There will be another one out there for sure. We’re going to be in another place in two weeks, so there바카라 will be a lot more. But you know that we don’t do this all the time. And the idea that we can’t get an ad in the online media isn’t true either, we are going to be in another place in tw


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